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Witch's Garden

tried to make the title more interesting ? ahha i realized that if you check my other drawings, the titles are so boring they only literally say what's in the picture. like, this would be green sunset

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Magalie2011-08-26 11:05:18

Just wonderful

CharleneChu2011-08-18 01:43:03

This is amazing work!

CharleneChu2011-08-18 01:42:29

Amazing work!

Steeben 32011-08-02 11:33:23

hey guys.. SORRY. i haven't been drawing in a while cause i'm going to be extremely busy because of our church vbs. and i'm in the drama team so please pray for us and the leaders and for the little kids to behave! THANKS SO MUCH :D

alicia douglas2011-07-27 09:42:47

this is amazing, I wish I could draw things like this!

Lemontree 20112011-07-25 05:40:56

Great job...& I know what you mean...a title can sometimes be a strong influence in making a piece more noticeable. It can also have the opposite affect, too. I am glad you did this, and reminded me. And --Wow--this is really beautiful. this is a piece I'd like to hang on my wall! :)

KENNY2011-07-22 23:11:25

heyaa this is so cool O_O how do u do this

Artzzy2011-07-22 15:02:07

this is so beautiful :) I love this!

MamaKat2011-07-22 14:10:23

Green sky is good, but then again I make purple mountains! LOL. Great job!

Dreama7282011-07-22 08:57:47

Green, so unusual, but I love it!

dbinus2011-07-22 07:38:17

I love this!!

Haruka Kamikita2011-07-21 23:42:12

I like the green sky :)

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