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would you guys care if i killed myself?

probably not, because no one gives a damn about me i understand why but you guys probably wouldnt. its just another death going about the world its not that big of a deal tbh

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NightStar2017-05-06 17:59:31

( continued ) Because to us you matter, please live for us, you'll be able to say
" I made it this far,"

NightStar2017-05-06 17:12:42

Don't do that, it's true what you said about "It's just another death,"
The thing is, in all honesty no one matters until they make themselves matter, which if you couldn't tell already, people do care about you. Even if you can't see it or believe it, we do care. and to us your life does matter. If i saw you about to attempt suicide i would give you a big hug and then we'd get some ice cream and then afterwards talk about what's bothering you. Becau

SquaresrAmazing2017-05-06 15:05:26

you should kill yourself Simon your worthless no meaning

Sidney's howl2017-05-06 14:09:41

Simon please dont.. I mean lots of people care about you Millie Gizmo and Nmb are right i know it doesnt seem like some people youve talked to care about you or what you do but please you mean alot to me and i dont know what i would do without that perky smile and ass like attitude please..

Tem_Shop_With_Temmie2017-05-06 14:03:25

Don't do it fren, I care so very much about you, there are users, human beings that care so much for you-

gremlins gizmo ze geek2017-05-06 13:49:37

don't someone does care about you anyone i'm sorry everyone cares about you. creepy flumpty:yeah we know life is a little "scrambled" at times,we know were at our "boiling" point and were ready to "crack" but think of your family and friends they care about you simon if thats your real name. me:we'll let you think about it. one:think really hard the people who you love and love you wouldn't like to see you kill yourself its not a good exit ya kno

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