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Eh anyone want to talk?I'm bored and lonely,and i feel like death.

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Nightmarebonnie2016-12-31 22:16:47


Grape2016-12-31 22:16:29

Yeah and i gtg Bai.

Nightmarebonnie2016-12-31 22:13:55

He took them i cried cause' i thought i was in deep trouble. but i wasn't lol. And i have gotten really angry, If you think youv'e been mad, I've spit at a teacher before.. Yeah.. lol

Grape2016-12-31 22:10:20

Wow i hate when that happens.I had that happen to me before and i was angry.

Nightmarebonnie2016-12-31 22:09:15

Cool, But i have to remake my comic, My Teacher took some of the pages. Speaking of my Teacher taking things,Once i had Pokemon cards at shcool, I took them out to get my MewTwo And they all fell out of the bag. My teacher walked over and me and my freind had ust finshed picking them up, He took them, I had to get my dad to get them back.;-; It sucked.

Grape2016-12-31 22:07:25

Oh wow.But that's cool.

Nightmarebonnie2016-12-31 22:05:22

Oh! Happy new year to you! It's 11:04 (5) for me.

Grape2016-12-31 22:03:29

That's cool and i play roblox to.And i'm making a comic to it's called "The town of darkness"(temporary name for it)

Nightmarebonnie2016-12-31 22:03:20

Sometimes i also don't care for my grammar. even though i'm really fast at typing, I work on typing alot. Thats how i'm fast at it. But sometimes i just give up on grammar i'm like "R.I.P Grammar."

Grape2016-12-31 22:01:08

Oh and Happy new year!It just turned 12:00 where i'm at.

Nightmarebonnie2016-12-31 22:00:04

Oh, Cool. I am online alot of the time. Or playing ROBLOX If it dosen't lag. Alot of time i draw in class for my freind, It's a comic i'm drawing for her.. It's called "Cat-tale" Since she likes Undertale i though i make something like that for her.

Grape2016-12-31 21:55:19

*My grammer.

Grape2016-12-31 21:54:58

Yean and i understand i'm 15 and i have very awful grammer.The reason i just don't get it and sometimes i really don't care about me grammer.

Grape2016-12-31 21:53:06

Same here.I draw on paper a lot though,and sometimes i just don't get on or draw until one of my friends are on here.

Nightmarebonnie2016-12-31 21:51:32

Also i messed up on my grammar sorry i mean't the site gets gross sometimes.

Nightmarebonnie2016-12-31 21:49:59

Sometimes i do too. Just it gets sometimes, gross. Sometimes i wanna leave. But when i do leave for a little i draw on paper.

Grape2016-12-31 21:45:25

Cool and i don't listen to music when i draw it distracts me.And i'm not sure,i'm not to fond of this site even though i've been on it for a very long time.I just get on here to waste time or just goof around i guess.

Nightmarebonnie2016-12-31 21:41:23

But,My drawing is not turning out as good as i thought it would..

Nightmarebonnie2016-12-31 21:37:28

Anyways, I'm working on a drawing, With some music rn. I always listen to music when i draw on this site. Also i don't know why ppl hate this site.. Iv'e always liked it!

Grape2016-12-31 21:34:35

Yeah..and that's cool.

Nightmarebonnie2016-12-31 21:31:15

I'm so sorry! iv'e had that happen... Even with pets...Yeah..I would tell you but.. But it's genocide for me.... I still feel bad.. But two of my dogs turned 2! on Cristmas! They got two treats and a Brithday song! =3

Grape2016-12-31 21:23:35

Ah last year was okay for me but,a family member passed away today,that's why this year sucks.I'm like breaking down my emotions are out of wack.

Nightmarebonnie2016-12-31 21:21:12

Oh, wow. But iv'e had pretty bad one last year for half of it, 3Th grade last year. When't to the office alot. Grouned to me room alot. This year is better, I found a new freind that likes Undertale! But 2015 - Half of 2016 was not good for me... ;-;

Grape2016-12-31 21:18:34

Oh okay nvm it's 11:18 where i'm at.

Grape2016-12-31 21:17:50

I know right,and i've had a terrible New years,but i hope your having one though!And what time is it where your at?

Nightmarebonnie2016-12-31 21:16:06

It's like 10:15 (16) P.m.

Nightmarebonnie2016-12-31 21:13:57

It's fine, I was eating lol. But there like annyoing af, i only need one kitty. ;-; like it's just annyoince. But yeh, Anyways siwtching to a good topic. I hope your having a good New Years! Only 2 and a half hours till 2017 for me!

Grape2016-12-31 21:07:49

I kno right and sorry for late response had to get off.

Nightmarebonnie2016-12-31 16:26:49

I want to talk.. I'm just really mad.. Ugh, Stupid "Kitty fans." But i'd like to talk if you want.

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