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Yeah Um...

So how do I delete drawings? If someone could help me with this, I would be forever thankful, haha :)

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Kamila2017-03-19 01:09:39

Perfect, ok thanks once again!!! I should start saving rn so that I would be able to actually move there once I'm older haha :')

inugami2017-03-19 00:59:21

Well, according to google, by around 2027-2030, we will reach Mars. Then, it would probably take an extra few years to settle and start building (if we actually could build on Mars). Then, the first person to see what it's like to live on Mars will be there around 2036-ish. Sending more people there would take more years. By around 2060, we may have a whole city's worth of people, maybe even more!

Kamila2017-03-19 00:21:54

I don't think that I will end up contacting them, that seems like too much work, but thanks for the luck anyways :') Yes I have another question... So how much longer till people actually start living on Mars? I have been pondering over this for quite a while (messing haha) :)

inugami2017-03-19 00:13:19

You're welcome ^_^ Good luck with contacting them :) If you ever have any other questions, just ask me! :D

Kamila2017-03-19 00:08:30

I shall make it my goal to contact the owners in hopes of them deleting my old nasty drawings!!! Thanks for this mind-boggling wisdom that you have so generously bestowed upon me.

inugami2017-03-18 23:49:43

Sadly, there is no delete button. The only way you can get images deleted is by contacting the owners at legal@slimber.com or on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/slimber/

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