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Yellow Bloom

HEHE, drew this at 9:15 and ended at 11:00. and btw, I take requests for only landscapes or objects (but not like cars or people and machanics) more like cups or even FOOD. SO yeah hope you like it!

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Mery2016-11-15 05:09:01

Excellent you can watch my pictures

Amina_the_Cat2016-07-27 13:54:57

I think you should draw a cat.
Where do you live, dude?

Steeben 42015-12-13 16:04:39

I'm so thankful for all the support, and it makes me so happy to see all the comments and views! These are works that people in my life barely know about, so to have you computer friends/supporters continue to view these and appreciate them makes me so grateful. Again, please take a look at my tangible artworks on my instagram: stevenoclock

Steeben 42015-12-13 15:57:31

Continuing from before, Slimber, then, didn't have an account system, so the name I used for Steeben, Steeben 2, 3 and 4 could have been used by anyone else, hence the random hacking that sometimes appears on my accounts. I'm sad because I don't get to claim these paintings anymore, because you cannot save them in anyway. (at least, idk how). These were extremely treasured works of mine through 6th-8th grade and I before anything else want you all to know i'm on social media,

Steeben 42015-12-13 15:55:05

Hi guys! It's Steeben. I know everyone is gonna be like "oh this guy's an imposter just using his name," but hear me out. My real name is Steven Lee, and i'm in highschool now. I'm junior, and I still continue fine art, and i'm currently in AP Art Studio. I have an instagram if you want to follow me and my art! @stevenoclock
Looking at my slimber paintings make me really sad, because I had painted them all before I knew about copyright/ownership issues.

rachel pavel2015-12-09 22:01:13

wonderful job ;D

sunshinedust2015-07-30 15:11:52

hey dude whos name sucks and says that this person found it on google look there is a timelaps of her drawing it and you probably think you draw better you're probably insicure so don't take it out on people whoever drew this good job!

KImmyKat102015-07-16 06:13:43


BallsDeep692015-06-11 09:57:42

Wow, such a terrible piece of art. May I ask where you found this on Google?

shania ryckman2014-12-01 18:33:52

i loved it im totally not joking you should do , like a dramatic oceon beach with a sunset and mountains in the distance, that'd be beutiful!

Jasmine Ametovski2014-10-30 14:17:23

I read the description of this picture, and I believe the things you draw are still lifes..

we learned about it in art club a few weeks ago

TroyenaElizaAzemi 2014-09-18 12:39:24


Spook2014-07-02 15:34:14

This is so cool! Could you maybe draw an ocean at dusk?

unicornsaregreat2014-02-05 06:50:06

//dies// so amaze *3*

kittiekinz2014-01-28 18:58:20

i could never ever do something that good

Grace_May2013-07-07 23:21:54

ilovethissoo much!!

Nicole Chiodini2013-06-01 22:38:07

Holy crud cakes! this is: gorgess butiful amazing fabsome awsome pretty and thats only a few words that I can describe this. I LOVE yellow roses!

awesome missie2013-05-11 06:20:05

can you draw all types of roses please! i really love roses!

Faith2013-04-05 19:29:56

<3 flowers! :D

iScriBBle2013-03-30 08:47:34


asian3142013-03-28 19:50:27

great job as always, steeben :)

Sara2013-03-08 06:43:55

OMG! I wish i Could draw like that!:)

MissCutiewinks2013-02-16 23:03:46


Amy2013-01-07 15:54:32

How do you draw the textures??? Beautiful painting, by the way!

Lemonlimelion2013-01-04 18:27:19

Your art is always perfect

roesoef2013-01-04 07:32:13

hey ben je nederlands?? want dan ben je coool gave tekening trouwens

ZoeyB2013-01-03 22:21:03

Wow! Your an amazing at that drawing. So... COOL!

millie2012-12-18 22:41:23

plz watch all my Izzy draws

Keri Lock2012-11-27 14:04:53

That's so cool! Guys... do you know how to change the name of a picture you have already posted?

tide-pearl2012-11-26 10:13:56

can you make a picture of a beach? (sorry im a mermaid girl!)

Steeben 42012-11-20 23:58:07

Hi guys! sorry I haven't been drawing for sooo long. I'm in public school now, not homeschooled. So now i'm super busy and have no time whatsoever to draw :(( If I ever have time i'll draw something quick. I surprized I have so many comments OMG... thanks for you guyses support :D

Blackdog092012-11-10 21:38:03

ughhhhhh why you draw like this its AWESOME

Maya2012-11-10 08:55:06

I love all your drawings. I think you should make a bowl of citrus fruits. Like lemons, limes, oranges.

MC20012012-11-07 12:41:54

It. Is. Perfect!!!

Jonathan Smith2012-11-07 10:26:33

Draw a piece of cake or pie

colors2012-11-05 18:41:29

snowy forest landscape

simply me2012-11-01 17:21:01


chhoung bun2012-09-05 23:38:00

I like the flower

Captain W.2012-08-26 18:18:35

This is gorgeous! could you draw a fantasy garden in the moon with a glowing
earth in the background?

Chantel A. S.2012-07-29 17:48:06

sorry for requesting another thing but the easiest way to do it right now is by looking up seascape its strange that most of the landscapes or seascapes on my account are thing that ive never seen and if you find me comment so i know u were there that mean a lot

Chantel A. S.2012-07-29 17:42:22

if u see this steben id like u to check out a few of my drawing on here

Sloane2012-07-27 18:31:39

draw a beachy theme, in the sunset! :D

ella c. haney2012-07-08 07:21:56

can you draw a lemon?

meno nana2012-07-02 13:13:48

I like it

macie00 & avery012012-06-11 13:23:16

could u draw a rainforest with a frog in the picture plz no one has drawn that yet and i really want to see it and another idea u could draw is a beach just sayin plz draw one of mine!! thx!!! :)

kutedymples2012-06-10 16:51:26

Very beautiful, I love drawing flowers and I love doing photo realism and you have done both here extremely well. I can't get the hang of the tools here to draw the way I would like to. I am used to drawing at sumo.fm and queeky and I do much better there. If you haven't drawn there I'd love to see what you can do at either place you are amazing!

dragongrrl20032012-05-28 18:58:39

plz draw fier star from worrior cats ot a dog from servivers thes books are made by the same people.love the rose btw.

nuni2012-05-27 02:10:54

amazing !!!!! i luv it ^^

kimmie2012-05-15 11:18:29

thawas cool

Tornado232012-05-10 20:02:28

can you draw a tornado? :) totally <3 ur drawing


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