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You all don''t like me

Do say you like me or don't try to me feel better I know you all hate me(and Kitty) And I might quit(do NOT try to help)

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RainPie2017-03-04 12:46:27

Sorry that the picture on my last comment didnt show up because it said i wasnt signed in even tho I was.

RainPie2017-03-04 12:44:50

I agree with Cookies_And_Cream, u should just stop trying to make us feel bad that your upset. This is online and it's more dangerous when u say things like this because someone can try to get involved and get u help when u don't need or want it. Plz stop posting these. Just go back to normal please and start painting the happy and bright pictures that you used to. Please I want the old One Is Dead back. :(

RainPie2017-03-03 22:56:42

Omg same :D (Really me & u should be conserned for that)

One Is Dead2017-03-03 21:25:24

I choked myself once :D well really 3 times ;-;

Cookies_And_Kream2017-03-03 20:54:50

Why do you keep doubting yourself?? You know we like you, just stop trying to make us feel bad that you are upset! You know we love you! But if you keep doubting yourself i don't know how to help. (I feel like a dick for writing this)

One Is Dead2017-03-03 20:06:25


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