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zalgokena new ref

eeeh idk if i like this but whatever...btw info in comments

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Kena2017-01-11 10:12:09

theme songs
-my name is skrillex


-my demons

-dont let me down


-capsule-hello-mikumusic network and records version

-animal impulses

-the darkness nightcore

Kena2017-01-11 10:05:15

old ref] http://slimber.com/gallery/image/zalgokena-ref-kena:u551221.html

Kena2017-01-11 10:04:54

the person that did take care of her when she was litte is..unkhown...i dont khow who it is gonna be..

Kena2017-01-11 10:03:16

what happends when zalgokena takes over kenas body-when that happends..kenas eyes will change to black and she gets 3 eye colors..pink,dark green and red and her name changes to kena.exe

Kena2017-01-11 09:56:14

info of her rage form- the rage form is the form that zalgokena turns into when shes filled with rage and when she fights someone sometimes,she uses the form to fly as well....when she turns into her rage form,she gets 6 eyes and large wings

Kena2017-01-11 09:45:02

//her weakness is unkhown but i will show it up soon//

Kena2017-01-11 09:44:38

zalgokena did not have a weakness at all and now she has one.briana is the only one who khows about her weakness,she is about to use it on her soon.why? becase if that happend then zalgokena will not die but she turn back to shade,the one that she was before,she will the fell to the ground and you can see all the pain she got becase peoples attacks only hurted shade instead of zalgokena.shade will still be a demon,killing ppl and be still kenas bad side becase of the darkness that is inside her

Kena2017-01-11 08:05:25

if you did not khow,shade and zalgokena are the same person.zalgokena is still like her old self but she acts diffrent.zalgokena cant die anymore becase of the power she got from darkunuss,zalgokena now lives in a place called the demon realm that darkunuss made.zalgokena sure loves that place becase it has a lot of things she likes.

Kena2017-01-11 08:02:38

used kena to kill briana,briana found out about zalgokenas story and now she sometimes is there for her to try to cheer her up when she is thinking of the old memorises.zalgokena and briana became CLOSET friends but zalgokena still hated becase she was annoying.darkunuss annoys zalgokena by saying that she needs to kill right now almost all the time but that bothers zalgokena to much.

Kena2017-01-11 07:59:41

she then saw a large shadow coming to her,she said that if she keeps killing then she will give her some power to make her get stronger,shade nodded and made a deal with her.she then killed more ppl and then darkunuss finally give her the power,it made shade change and look diffrent.she then changed her name to zalgokena but she found out that there was a girl called kena so she begin to be her bad side.first she wanted to kill her but now she wants some fun by taking over her body.she then

Kena2017-01-11 07:50:24

someones shadow,she did not remember who she belongs to.the person/guy thought that she was lost so he begin to take care of her.but 2 hours later...the guy was going somewhere,shade said where he was going but the guy ingored her and dissapeared.shade thought that the guy abandoned her so she left and droped the necklace she got from him on the grass.she then grown up and survived anything by eating dead animals and try to make stuff.she then started to kill everything that gets in her way.

Kena2017-01-11 07:43:34

//thank you venus btw im back and im going to coninute// black creature came to her and hit her right eye,shade tried to say why it did that but it was to late.the black creature was going to beat her up until a person came and hit its head,the black creature dissapeared and the person came to shade and looked at her right eye,he did not like how it looked like and he feel bad for shade.the person cleaned the blood that was on the right side of shades face,shade did not remember that she was

Venus2017-01-10 18:11:08

i like your style of your character

Kena2017-01-10 11:37:46

//i gtg right now..i gonna coninute tomorrow//

Kena2017-01-10 11:35:34

nickname(s):Z.K,the demon of madness
species:fennec fox mixed with a wolf
likes:ppl suffering,being in her rage form,dead animals,being alone for awhile,hurting kena,madness
hates:having a master,darkunuss//the one who is always with her and never leaves her alone//,kena,stupid stuff,getting annoyed,idiots,briana,the old memories from her backstory

bio:zalgokena was a tiny shadow wolf named shade back then,she only had two white eyes until one day a

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