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Kena2016-10-12 08:12:15

i dont khow who is gonna be her creater..is ok if you want to help

Kena2016-10-12 08:02:46

i will make other refs later

Kena2016-10-12 08:02:26

kena ref:http://slimber.com/gallery/image/kena-ref-kena:u551094.html
devin ref:http://slimber.com/gallery/image/kenas-brother-kena:u551167.html
briana ref:http://slimber.com/gallery/image/briana-short-ref-kena:u551169.html
nonaye ref: http://slimber.com/gallery/image/nonaye-ref-sheet-kena:u547836.html
yuena ref: http://slimber.com/gallery/image/yuena-kena:u548115.html
zalgokena ref:your here

Kena2016-10-12 07:56:36

-my name is skrillex


-my demons

-dont let me down


Kena2016-10-12 07:49:46

briana is now planning to use zalgokenas weakness on zalgokena.when that happens..zalgokena will not die the but she turn back to shade,the one that she was before,she will the fell to the ground and you can see all the pain she got becase peoples attacks only hurted shade instead of zalgokena.shade will still be a demon,killing ppl and be still kenas bad side becase of the darkness that is inside her.

Kena2016-10-12 07:38:40

-.zalgkena makes kena turn into kena.exe sometimes now.if someone says if they can be her slave then she will say no becase she dont want a master even if their evil.but if they want their help to be free then she will do it,but ONLY if they are demons.shade and zalgokena are the same person.zalgokena did not had a weakness at all until she got one,she cant die at allso nothing will affect her,not even potions..she now keeps her story as a secret,briana is the onl one who khows it-

Kena2016-10-12 07:33:53

-erson and killed them by letting them burn in flames.after zalgokena turned into a demon..zalgokena found out that their is a girl named ''kena''.she then begin to be her bad side,first she wanted to kill her but now she wants to take over her instead.zalgokena took the red heart that is part of kenas soul.she said that it was part of her soul not kenas,becase IT WAS part of her soul.kena just got the red heart in her soul when zalgokena turned into a demon

Kena2016-10-12 07:30:01

-and annoyed her by saying ''are you ok?''.she then found a khife and stabeb the personto make them stop.when shade saw the blood..she begin to smile and go insane killing people.her colors begin to change and she grown up.she then found a new weapon and begin to use it.she then meet a person saying ''WHO ARE YOU!?''.shade did not said her real name becase she wanted a new name.she then came out with ''zalgokena'' and said that to the p

Kena2016-10-12 07:25:25

species:fennec fox
likes:killing,the darkness,blood,her weapon,death
hates:having a master,annoying people,nerds,being called for ''stupid demon''

bio:zalgokena was a tiny shadow named shade back then(she still had the same eye colors but not with black)she meet her creater and had fun until her creater left her.shade cried and begin to break the necklace that her creater gave her and ran away,some people then came to her

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