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RU b Y IS tHAT YOU!?!??!111

I miss 2013 of Slimber before all these salty kiddos washed up! I love sister James Charles. I also really love my man, Brian. My idols were LessthanPi, Blink, Emmatheprettykitty, Eren and TONS of others. ( Even though they didn't like me that much! ) I joined in the early years of slimber. I had a "fake" account for as long as 2012-2013. In 2013, I attempted to make my first real account, which was called, "WarriorLover101" Bless, I forgot the password to it right after I made it. So Then, I made my, "Nightstar" account. I use an Intous draw I draw cats? dogs? Idk anything with four legs incapable of cognism speech.

joined: November 18, 2017
gender: Hidden
age: 17 years old
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