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Megan newitt

Okay you want to know about me .Well....Hey why are you even reading this! What are you ,some sort of creepy stalker?? Why do you even care about what i'm like and stuff? But ... I guess if you are really desperate to know ill tell you,okay? (unless you are acctually a crazed stalker if so GET LOST and find someone els to annoy.) So.. I like, no LOVE jls ,minni cheddars(:P), moshlings (okay ,there babyish but hey ,why not?), ketchup,animals, Gavin and Stacy ( best t.v. program EVER), my family and freinds (bit obvious) and the rest is absoloutly NONE OF YOUR BISSINESS. Good day.

joined: January 20, 2013
gender: Female
age: 14 years old
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