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smells like soup, i am rude but dont care

Hi i'm Blink/Dynamic/Whatevertheheckyouwanttocallme, and i'm basically an emotionless piece of crap in a garbage can. I will do anything to protect my friends, and I show more emotions in texts, comments, and artwork rather than real life. Most of my drawings are based on my emotions, or for my friends and how I feel about them, based on an image that they probably wont understand. On the other hand, I am very difficult to understand and hate a lot of people, so I would kindly ask you to not talk to me if you have not met me at all, or you might get in an argument at me at the very start. Most of my characters are based on my emotions. Blink is my anger, Dynamic is my smart side, Alaina is my calm side, Nakaria is my bossy side, Gerald is my love and affection side, and so on. I usually use these characters the most: Blink, Dynamic, and Gerald. Other characters like Nakaria, are scarcely seen. I have more characters, but refuse to name them right now, due to the lack of coffee I need right now. What do I do for fun? What are my hobbies? Usually I like to run around and throw balls (Yes, balls) against a wall or catch them. I mostly love marathons that me and my friends in real life do. When i'm away from outside, I deeply try to study for Chemistry as I suck at it and like to play Nekodancer, and hang out with you guys on slimber. Slimber, now, is not really my place. I have been on it since 2010, and I don't really like it anymore. Usually I stay on it for people like Ryan or Willow, but other than all those wonderful people out there, I hate slimber. I cant even draw on it anymore! I also play Minecraft, Skyrim, Transformice, Spore Galactic Adventures, and stuff like that. -----What do I draw with? I draw with a $200 Bamboo Wacom Tablet, but occasionally I use a mouse because I got the tablet Christmas 2014, and I still want to be able to use a mouse.-------- Do I draw in real life/take anything about art in real life? Yes. I draw so much in real life that if you open the door to my room you will drown in papers. I also take creative arts, a school program where gifted drawers go. -------Do I have sisters or brothers? Yes. I have 3 sisters (2 are ''Half-Sisters'' but I hate that word) And they are all more talented then me. One even got ''Best artist in the school'' Title, and they go to my school! Pshshshhshhh.... ----------DO I TAKE REQUESTS?-- No and yes, depends on the circumstance of 'if I have time' or 'If I want to draw it'. If you're like: ''Pls draw me my oc!'' I will. If you're like: ''Pls draw me and my boyfriend kissing with a dawn backround and this and that<3333333' Then I wont, please, no. Just no. I--No. ----- What are my genes? Where did my ancestors come from? What do I look like? Most of my ancestors came from Sweden, some italian, some irish, england, etc .etc. I'm a ginger, fair enough? The ale of the ginger? heuheu (badjokeok) -----------Full name? How about you just call me Alaina, ok? B) ------- Is this it for all, will I continue this boring 'About me?' Yes, I will add on to this very bad About me sooner or later.

joined: February 16, 2015
gender: Hidden
age: 15 years old
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