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WARNING: I'm a lazy chick on a fast road *tweet tweet*

I'm a HUGE FNAF and UNDERTALE fan!!! :D I like roleplaying... WAYYY too much than I actually should. XD And I am friends with Jai-Desu, Eren, Jean the Horseface, Scared-of-the-light, Kena, Tartor, Yin_wolf, The_Warrior_wolf, Dominope, Jelly,Nownow, I_love_wolves, Emma_Steampunk, Memories, Kaneki_cat, ChloeLRSAngels, FreddyandFoxy, JordieBear, Sparkwolf, Insignifigance, Cookiecat, Anna_Scribbles, AMPCheetah, and MANY OTHERS. I love Slimber a lot and I am thankful for having so many great friends here! Plus I have a HUGE obsession with FNAF and UNDERTALE and my dog, Snowy, who is my life-long inspiration. <3 I want to be a professional tennis player when I grow up and if you're reading my bio, you apparently are interested in what I'm doing with my life which is... wasting it! But please, don't need to ask to be my friend cause you most probably already are! ;3 //Keeping it pg

joined: April 12, 2015
gender: Female
age: 15 years old
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