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Whats up everybody FlyDiceGaming here!!! I love To play video game and not only that but i'm pro at them.... I also Play video games for a living as well..... I also love to make animetions and art..... I loved drawing when i was little and i still love doing it know..... I'm also a nerd...... But i like to call myself a GamingNerd.... I also have no gender...... well i do.... but thats my business.... -_- I also love Flower Crowns, Candy, Teddy bears, Clowns, Hot topic, Snipers gun and Ferrets..... Fandoms i like: Homestuck, Undertale, Eddsworld, Teen wolf, My little ponys, Creepypasta, YouTubers and lot more that I am to lazy to Type down.... Look me up on Tumblr, Deviantart, Paigeeworld and kik..... Look up these names for them ( FlyDiceGuy, FlyDIceGamingNerd and FlyDiceGaming ) Soon i will also have a YouTube Channel.... So when i get amke sure to subscribe..... And as always.... Hugs around the world my friends.... 8D

joined: March 24, 2017
gender: Hidden
age: 16 years old
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