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zicorn Javega

Deviant Art: http://zicorn.deviantart.com/ Hello and welcome to my page, i assume you are here because either 1 you like me as a person or 3 you like my art(and yes i did skip 2). Either way i love hearing feed back from my fellow slimes here on slimber so.... talk to me tell me what you like or dont like on my picture, any critisizm is appreciated by a artist. I on the other hand ALSO make music. Wanna hear some cool videogame music while drawing or something go here. (you can leave me a message there too if your really cool) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpJcBrbZIpv4Z7BrZwT2uRQ

joined: February 1, 2014
gender: Male
age: 26 years old
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