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Yes, I do know my name so I don't need to type it. Do you know my name?

FOR WHOM IT MAY CONCERN I WON'T BE ON AS MUCH ANYMORE. I am Heterosexual, just to make that clear. I love cats, anime, reading, and playing the cello. I am African American and unlike others I do not follow the stereotypes for it. I am a big fan of music with a meaning behind it. I am currently interested in STEM jobs, and at the moment I'm thinking of being an Environmental Scientist. I put great emphasis on the need for one to have an education and generally get good grades. I like to think logically in tough situations, I have alot of common sense and have been told so. I can also get annoyed easily when people do something totally uncalled for. Enjoy life while you can and leave your mark on this planet. Old pictures: http://www.slimber.com/gallery/image/my-artistic-sister:g307756.html

joined: January 18, 2013
gender: Female
age: 19 years old
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