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Lydia G.

Hello! I'm an amateur digital artist here, working on drawing using a computer and a mouse. All votes and comments are greatly appreciated! (; __________________________ As some other info for you stalkers (or genuinely curious people out there) I live in the US and I'm a ninth grader this year. Whoo-hoo, high school. Biology is a right bundle of joy everyday. I like reading in my spare time. And sketching random things on the nearest notebooks paper. Like pikachu. (<-- with a mustache owo) __________________________ For you people who have a deviant art, my username is runningforcover and I just created it on 9/10/13. I'll be uploading stuff like pencil and paper sketches~ Go see __________________________ Some Random Friendsies: Michelle(io) <--- Lessthanpi, Hannah, Grace, Grace, Grace, Michelle, Melanie, Natasha, Kenzie, and some others I'm too lazy to name. <3 __________________________ Kbye, thanks for reading this bio-that-doesn't-make-sense

joined: July 16, 2013
gender: Female
age: 18 years old
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