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This website has been very dead recently. I hope more artists come and help this place stay alive.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Anyway, yes, I am Legendary or FlamingFeather, and I moved accounts yet again.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Anyway, I joined Slimber back in December of 2016, and met some awesome people, and here they are: RainPie, Ruby, CookiePelt, Bomby, Simon, Wolf-Berries, BellaMeows, and Katie Edwards. They made my life so much better.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I have Discord and Deviantart, which I'm more active on, and here they are: https://www.deviantart.com/1xlegendarywolfx1 and my Discord is: LegendWhiteWolf#8997

joined: October 2, 2018
gender: Female
age: 112 years old
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