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Heya Lexi you *lilfucker*

Hello as you can see I'm Milah. I'm not new in fact, I'm the opposite of new. Along with this account that will now be used for the time being Fursonas~ Neasu (green, white, black, lime fox-ish cat-ishFEMALE) Kimy (adopted by Mikoto white, black, blue, red cat wolf mix TRANS FEMALE) Lio (Haven't fully made FEMALE) My old diablo (neon pink, neon blue, white, bright pink, baby blue fennec fox FEMALE) Glider (neon blue that glows in dark, orange, white, smol yan-kun, has wings and is a domestic cat MALE) Fluffy (whole name Fluffina Ventara, neon pink, neon blue, white like Neasu, Fennec like that old diablo, but she's not diablo FEMALE) .::THE OTHER CHARACTERS WILL BE REFERENCED SOON::. remember kids always keep something original so it'll be easy to accept your roast ;w; SO THIS IS THE REAL UPDATED BIO ::::UHM REQUESTS ARE OPEN::: BUT DON'T EXPECT ME TO DO THEM RIGHT AWAY IM BUSY TRYINGTOBEATAJACKASS FUCKBOYATHIGHHONORSANDTHATDICTORIANTHING i mean at doing school that's a bad drug that does good somehow wow. old slimber soul (since 2012) *single *asexual *not gud lukin *but dat ass *space daddy *loves tfm too FRICKIN MUCH *NOT A DANG FURRY my gosh TwT *has slimber friends? *has irl friends *pastel trash *dam ken ashcorp music yes pls ::INSTAGRAM bubblegum.bunni:: ::KIK mini.marshmallow.pie (pls say who u r liek rlly pls take my roleplay cookies ;w;):: ::SNAPCHAT (haha just kidding i forgot it):: You're still reading this? im impressed you got this far wow. So how was your day? gud bad it's okay i m therapist in training just git gud ok that's all you can keep going to w/e you were uh doing... GBAIII~!

joined: May 12, 2014
gender: Female
age: 16 years old
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