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/// Alright so Hey, i'm Night. I'm lowkey the only person who recognizes old slimber users. I used to be "warriorlover101" *winces from cringe* I'm still a fucking edge machine, and i still get treated like a seven year old by people on this site who think age should make a status rather than personality. Chrome doesn't let me use slimber's painter, let me comment, or log in, so i use Firefox just to log on. More on the personal side, i'm pansexual, taken, and i can be a really rude bitch. But for the most part, i'm pretty nice. ( for the most part ) I don't like being told "Your oc looks like mine!!1!!" or "That's my ocs name!!!1!!1!" Because honestly, this is a small word kid, i don't give a fuck. /// BETTER ART: http://nightfallkitty.deviantart.com/ SCRATCH ACCOUNT: just search "DeanBean133" the ussername is a long story.

joined: March 14, 2015
gender: Hidden
age: 17 years old
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