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This account belongs to a furry animatior fan.~ Darlinqq, UFO House, nhyku, Jexi~ UwU they all dont fit in to my pfp but I love them all to deathooooo. OOOO Huggle the furries mmmm~ hec, welcome to a bio. I think I actually don't like to take care of myself, xdddd. eh if you wanna know some things about me you can right now. no I'm actually not 1 years old lmao. but if you wanna know some things I like, I like kittydog a l o t and I like my friggen tablet, and I still do love cj. I like uhm, Undertale alot I even have a plush of Asirel. I like Joji sometimes, I LOVEE Furry animtorsssshhh. Uh there is alot more things that I like but I wont put cause there is too much xdd. but I am tired most of the time, I mean I take care of like alot of animals rn, cats,dogs chickens etc. If you wanna know who my pfp is it Swap sans getting his cocc succed?? idfk cause I dont really care. :D I do like some nsfw things, uh sasncest lmao. but I'm messed up anyways but, idfc. but I cuss sometimes, uh.. I have some frens, Kena, kitty, ggzg, etc. ugh I'm tired as hELL. but anywaysif you wanna know more you might wanna text me when I get my tablet back in a few years :D. my mom said she was gonna shoot it?? eh I don't really care. but i'm gonna go to sleep------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------some shit my animo frens said. " I draw the sin, then I eat the paper and rethink my life."-Puppydog---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sleepykinq animo. "wth, my tablet just blew up. Then how are you talking to us."-(Smol) Eepop/ me (Lusty Trashcan.) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"Good lorf."-Error Color! "Stickfucks."- Lusty Trashcan. (me)------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"gIMMIE THE DAMN CRACKERS."-(Smol) Eepop/(Smol)Mystery (Same person)-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "D U M B A S S. " -Stars (Kik)-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"The name all ready shows good things!" Remoil Stal(?) eh))---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Whelp bye, have a better life than me~ -Nbm/Nb

joined: February 13, 2016
gender: Female
age: 1 years old
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