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play overwatch with me ----------------------------------------------------- WHO UP click dat GOTDAMN like boi! - eren ----------------------------------------------------- Pssshhhhh here's Ferny! Wassup ppl this be Lexie boo and if ya hurt her, her eggplant besties will hurt you. :) But anyways, TURNIP the BEET wherever you're at! ;00000000 __________________________ hey my names alexis. you can call me lexie though. im a huge nerd and i have nothing better to to but look at memes, be a meme, play video games and fangirl __________________________ i can be pretty bitchy and i like a good amount of things so i should post different things (hopefully). im kind of a cunt but im pretty nice if youre nice to me. __________________________ im a shitty person tbh so go ahead and use this against me in the future.

joined: August 13, 2014
gender: Female
age: 116 years old
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