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Pennywise The Dancing Clown reminds me of slimber 2013

Waddup it's ya girl Ruby - - - I made this account because my old one made me cringe, a lot. - - - I draw animals. - - - I enjoy watching Voltron, reading and obviously drawing. -- - My taste in music is your face, you're beautiful and i love you. - - - I listen to BTS, Blackbear, xxxTentacion, Manu Rios covers, Paramore (new and old), Bo en, and a ton more! --- BTW i'm NOT new!! I was WarriorLover101, xxwarriorxx, .::Warrior~omg::.,, *cringes*, uh yeah i've been here for a while.

joined: September 10, 2017
gender: Female
age: 17 years old
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