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Seiko Yumi .C

翼を持っていたのに。私は飛ぶことができませんでした ... ~セイコ anime/manga/books/tea ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ man, i keep forgetting to put "Seiko Yumi" in my drawings... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ my profile picture is me, done by me☆ (but i don`t have red eyes) on Autodesk SketchbookExpress ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ oh, call me either: Seiko or Yumi ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ☆woah. in top drawings? ME? thank you guys so much! c: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ now taking requests! feel free to drop in a commission anytime (: though i`m doing anime only* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ HEY GUYS I'M BACKKKK!

joined: December 25, 2013
gender: Female
age: 17 years old
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