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Steven Lee

Hi guys! My name is Steven Lee, i'm 13 yrs old and i'm in 8th grade. Drawing is basically my life, and i've been drawing since... I was born LOL. Before this new account stuff existed, I was (am) Steeben, Steeben 2, 3 and 4. You can actually look me up in the search box to see my older drawings. Link to Steeben: (11 yrs old) AKA, my first ever drawing on here: http://slimber.com/gallery/image/light-of-dreams:g22217.html Link to Steeben 2: http://slimber.com/gallery/image/aurora-2:g86046.html Link to Steeben 3: http://slimber.com/gallery/image/red-flowers:g68413.html Link to Steeben 4 (right now): http://slimber.com/gallery/image/macro-apples:g145832.html 2nd, I LOVE GOD! I'd say i'm a strong Christian and I believe Jesus is the only hope in the world. OMG MY DRAWING'S GONE?!!?

joined: January 21, 2013
gender: Male
age: 19 years old
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