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you and me baby we aint nothin but mammals so lets do it like they do on the discov

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E23vk9tlaPo&has_verified=1 mmmm ---------------------------------------------------------------ok now for real info abt me. My older and dead acc is nightmare bonnie, and that acc actually caused me a shit ton of drama but also fanart. So yes my internet sona for slimber is still that acc. So call me Tem or nmb or whatever i really dont care whatsoever lmao. I really like animating and some animators such as, Sleepykinq, Kittydog, Princechain and Darlinqq. (actually there is a hECK more but ghhghghvhdj)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So now more into the things I enjoy -besides animating and/or animatiors.- I really enjoy art, digtal, traditonal you name it im p sure ive tried it. I also kindA like fangirling (if thats a thing that people can enjoy lol) I fangirl over Albertsstuff (or you can call him by his neer channel name) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm-X6o81nRsXQTmqpyArkBQ. And I also fangirl over Alfred. Who is Sleepykinq's character. (I just think Alfreds fursona is a cutiee, like hes a f/king cutieeeee ahhh)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------okay so a little more personal info abt me. Kitty428 is currently my parnter?? (ghghg you figure it out bc im too lazy) I'm 69 ;) Ok no but im not gonna say my real age so ghh. I can be really bitchy and immautre at times so if im doing any o that shit just uhmhmhgfhjngfjfhggdkj. I really don't care what happens to me tbh so gh. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I offically hate my f/cking life.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~stupid things my frens say~ "I draw the nsfw, then i eat the nsfw" -Puppydog 2017---------------------------------------------------------------- "slllliNKYKInQ" -fren from skool "mystery and alfred did the yigg yigg and now they have a kid ;)" -me--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- nUT~

joined: November 23, 2016
gender: Female
age: 14 years old
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