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Wolf Starr

I love art and draw tha animal i like is a wolf a cat and dogs ---------------------------------------------------------------- Finde me on : Youtube / fackbook it made tristen tyler or wolfstarr / Devainart name is wolfstarr2 and my kik is spottedleaf.wolf and skype is wolfstarr3 tittwer is wolfstarr --------------------------------------------------------------- And i have to leve slimber one thes bays becuse the labtop is not my it the school and i will save money to come back made --------------------------------------------------------------------- And i love angel dragons ! i have 4 of them and i love furrys and undertale and tell me something i could get in to im in anime all ready (*꒦ິ꒳꒦ີ)

joined: August 24, 2015
gender: Female
age: 15 years old
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