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I am •:xXWild~FlowerXx:• and this is my acount from FLAVIO (or merda_cazzo, whichever name he prefers) this is a cool name I think because in demon mode, Wildflower writes in her enemie BLOOD!!!! my old account has my old pictures on it I am also Emmathecatpretty-kitty's (emma the thief's) best cousin ______________________________ Dear Wildflower, I obviously haven't set up the rules yet. So here they are; 1. Don't use the art that isn't yours unless permission is given. 2. Don't talk back to me. Just use a simple 'Ok' and don't do the thing that got you introuble. 3. Don't even try to change the password. 4. Don't mess with my friends. Yes I know, I AM strict but I do that to make sure my account is secure. If you break the rules, here's what can happen; 1 rule) Warning (Already done) 2 rules) Another warning 3 rules) Alert that you're on your last warning 4 rules) off the account. Now. I will be making sure no more rules are broken. There can be one rule broken many times. -merda_cazzo PS. You ego is huge, congrats.

joined: February 26, 2014
gender: Female
age: 12 years old
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