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Nice to meet you i am BunnyLover, but call me Bunny. I am a digital artist who uses a Wacom Intuos Tablet and tablet pen. If you have any questions about me please ask! But I will post a "faq" if you need anything. #1: will you draw me??: NO. I like to draw on my own time. Unless it is a trade and I feel as though I benifit, I will do it. PLEASE do not beg and whine. sorry to tell you.#2: Teach me how to draw!: sorry but the way i started drawing was with practice from when i was young. You cant teach that! :) #3 join my contest!: Uhhm, i probably won't unless i want to. sorry! ^^;

joined: January 19, 2013
gender: Hidden
age: 14 years old
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