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I live in Seattle, WA.But I gruw up in East Lansing, MI. My favorite animal is the wolf.I love to watch mrcreepypasta videos on youtube. I read Homestuck and play minecraft.Also my favorite singer is Chris Garneau. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have three fursonas. R (ram), Soulwolf(wolf) and Bunbun(rabbit). I draw Bunbun the least. R represents me when in angry. Soulwolf represents me went i'm clam and sad. Bunbun represent extreme happiness. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I also draw my boyfriend's fursona that i made for him. It's name is Novelist.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I have another account, purpleAgateo, where i rollplay as my (finished) fan troll.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------TUMBLR: darkinsanekiller13

joined: January 19, 2013
gender: Female
age: 18 years old
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