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chloe wilhite

im a dumb d00d quix is me and XxSumunfanxX's daddy. please send help to a distressed suicidal gurl. i have to deal with a bunch o losers on this site. quix and simon are my only frens. i want to put a picture for my pcp but its to big for it im mad. i hate life. i want my birthday already. JUNE 26 LEDS GU D00DS. im no skinny bitch. i nu like hotdogs and butts. also most my siblings. there crazy. please send me help. it took me 5 minutes to write this. im a fast typer. pEAs Nu PlEAsE. its like 10:30 pm rn. why am i still writing? GO AWAY YOU STALKER. ALL I LIKE IS HAMILTON AND MY ONLY FRENS.

joined: March 10, 2017
gender: Hidden
age: 17 years old
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