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I'm also on deviantart as nikilia12345 chesck me out thats my real anime channel um I used to be here as meandmyart but i left that channel litteraly years ago! ummmmm now I'm here again and i love to draw anime and animal people like sarah and yuka and any other random characters I love creepypastas (even though they give me nightmares for weeks lol) especially "the sandman" *shivers* oh and I do have a dark side.... HEy X) I'm soon to have three dogs because one of them has canser but 'until then I have 4 dogs and 3 cats I live in helena and missoula because of the millatary! I have a weird style of a tomgirl emo chick XD I AM VERY CREATIVE I have freckles everywere blondish reddish hair NOT STARBERRY BLONDE! I'm in the advanced learning program or P.E.A.K. witch means I literally NEED to be tought more difficalt thing and stuff like that I have blue eyes one of witch is darker than the other yay! fave auther (s): suzane collins, john green, mary downing hahn, J.R.R. Tolkien, and, harper lee fave tv stuff: star wars, the hunger games (all of them) the walking dead mwahahaha

joined: July 20, 2014
gender: Female
age: 15 years old
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