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Hello, I`m from Germany and like to draw all of magic things. The space is for me a very magical place.Light and darkness are there very often and I like to experiment with the lights and shadows.I also like to draw humans,wolves and whatever comes through my mind <3.Don`t wonder... I´m a littlebit crazy, arts of me can be a littlebit "special" and very crazy.In holidays I like to fly at Spain.My two Cats are my live...I love them both like they are my little sisters.I don`t have sisters but my cats are like them... they also come to me then they dont like to sleep alone ;).Music is also very important for me.I hope I don`t bored you but I like english... it`s so magical for me.It sounds better then german for me and I speak it very often in my freetime. I hope you undrstand me Spacer

joined: July 1, 2013
gender: Female
age: 17 years old
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