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Josh, you're out of the band.

hello! i'm princeton but i've always been known by spark on here. i'm not new, like at all. but i do enjoy making new friends because my old friends never seem to be on here anymore :/ but, then again, neither am i; i appologize for my lack of activity. well, about me? my OC's are Spark and Cinder. Cinder is okay but Spark's design is rather marysue-ish, I don't use her much because I've had her for so long and never had the heart to re-design her. uh, i love tokyo ghoul:re and ayato kirishima, pff haha. i like musicals (mostly In The Heights) like Les Misérables, Hamilton, 21 Chump Street, Tick Tick Boom, Cats and kind of a lot more lolol. so interests aside, i've been taking art more seriously since i actually got used to the community here (and i learned how to spell lmao, i was nine in my defense.) and i've been animating since like, december of 2014?? yeah i think so. i guess that's all, bye friendos.

joined: July 12, 2014
gender: Female
age: 14 years old
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