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Story Tagline i'm an Artist & the strangest person you'll ever meet Introduction I'm the weirdest person you'll ever meet! I can draw and create fascinating creations with words, paper a pencil, and pen. Basically i can create anything out of any sort of material. I have a very large imagination as well which helps feed my creativity. The more creativity i use the better my artistic skills grow. In sixth grade i played the violin for a short time. So i have some experience in music not much but some. Of course i played the recorder as well somewhere in between fourth grade and seventh grade. I’m also a fairly good writer; i prefer to write short children’s stories. I can also read particularly fast. I take a liking to the Japanese culture and drawing style. I’m not very confident in myself. I’m very persistent and stubborn. I get frustrated very easily when i can't understand something or something doesn't go as well as planned. I try to make everything perfect even though i know that nothing is perfect, and so there really isn't a true perfect. I like to ride bikes, and i like to swim and mini putt. I like to read fantasy books, graphic novels, manga books and animal related books. I love to watch movies and shows of all kinds animated, anime/manga, horror, romantic, sad, joyful, suspenseful, and last but not least action packed. i'm two people in one body, one half of me is female and bi, i have named her Lianna. the other half is a boy and is gay, i named him Daymen. they both love my current boyfriend and want him to be happy. Bragging rights i'm good at drawing Cats, Dogs and Wolfs, i'm Really Good At MineCraft Creative Mode, I Guess You Could Say I'm A Gamer

joined: May 7, 2013
gender: Male
age: 18 years old
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