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"I've been up against better just take a look at my face!"

"I'm Legendary's brother. I don't like her very much. She is the one that made ME blind in the FIRST PLACE! And, she is the one that ripped off my ear AND tail! My dad is leader of the Outclanners, wolves without clans, they eat other wolves, come into the wolf territories without warning, and they take what they want. That's how I was tought. I was taken away from my mum, and brought into the Outclanners territory. I was abused by them, and cared for at the same time. And I came back into the wolf clans to hunt Legendary down, and seek...REVENGE! I wont stop until they know my name!" ~Mysterious~

joined: October 7, 2017
gender: Male
age: 15 years old
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